VoIP Extensions for Your Business

One of the more overlooked features of VoIP phone systems are virtual numbers, also known as virtual extensions. Virtual extensions can be implemented in a surprising number of ways for businesses, and they can be especially useful if a large part of your workforce uses mobile devices daily. Some of the more interesting aspects of Read more


Innovative Office Uses of VoIP

In the past, most businesses purchased their phone service in the same way that they would arrange for any other utility service needed. The specific vendor that provided your service didn’t really matter much, because most of those services were exactly the same, so the real differentiating factor was usually cost. Even with the arrival Read more


What Are Virtual Numbers (DIDs)?

A businessperson holds a mobile phone, one of the many devices that can benefit from virtual numbers.

Otherwise known as Direct Inward Dialing (DID), virtual numbers are part of a system that allows you to bypass the telephone line thus avoiding the expensive charges and inefficiencies that normally come with the service. Typically, the service will forward all phone calls to a pre-set telephone number whether this is a VoIP or possibly Read more