Quality Assurance via Customer Service Call Barging

A set of interlocking gears symbolizes the integral nature of quality assurance.

Call barging is one of the features that can be extremely useful and effective for contact centers and sales organizations, where it sometimes becomes necessary to monitor phone calls. It can be used as a tool for supervisors and sales managers to keep track of how well new sales personnel are doing, it can be Read more


Knowing When to Upgrade Your Phone System

When it becomes apparent that your company would benefit significantly by having a more robust phone system to conduct business with, it might be that it's costing you more by not electing to upgrade.

The worst time to discover that you need to upgrade your business phone system is at a point where you’re already six months or a year too late in making the decision. This scenario can result in lost business, overworked employees, and a phone system maxed out to its utmost capabilities, and simply has not Read more


VoiceNEXT Awarded in 2016 Entrepreneur 360™ List

VoiceNEXT - Your next phone company

VoiceNEXT is proud to announce that it has earned recognition by Entrepreneur magazine as one of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America.” “Our annual evaluation offers a 360-degree analysis of the current private business landscape,” explains Lisa Murray, Chief Insights Officer of Entrepreneur Media, Inc. “Top performers are determined by how well-rounded they are in Read more


Buying the Right Conference Phone

We have explained before why it is important for your business to have a conference phone. It helps you talk with multiple people, keeps the call quality clear, and boost productivity. Now, that you understand the benefits, it’s time to find out which one is right for you. Your Conference Phone Needs to Match Your Read more


How Financial Institutions Benefit from VoIP

Finance is a highly regulated industry. Like many financial institutions, this means you need to take every advantage you can get to edge out the competition. You need to be able to keep customers satisfied, and you have to live up to the extensive requirements set out for your business. How can VoIP help your Read more


Tips to Unify Your Business’ Communication Methods

Whether in business or in your personal life, communication is an absolute necessity. Here are some things that are important “musts” when it comes to having good communication methods in the workplace. Be Sure to Use the Right Medium of Communication There is a time to send a text message or use an instant messenger Read more


Make Sure Your Network Meets VoIP Requirements

If you have researched the benefits of VoIP, and are ready to take your business to the next level of telephony, then there is just one more thing to consider. Is your current network up to the task? For most businesses the answer will be yes. And even if you need to upgrade your services, Read more


Why Should You Make the Move to VoIP?

If you have been considering changing over to VoIP for your company’s telephony, we want to encourage you to continue looking into it. What we’ve compiled here are just a few of the many benefits of making the move to VoIP. After you have read this quick list, we’re sure you will be more confident Read more


The HD Phone Quality Difference

Comparing the HD phone quality of a VoIP system to a standard telephone line should be like night and day, assuming you choose the right VoIP service. Basically, the difference in service is as clear as the difference between an HD TV and a standard-definition TV. Why is this the case? How Does a Digital Call Work? Read more


IP Phones: A Powerful Modern Business Tool

Between smartphones, tablets, and all of the other modern advancements that are finding their way into the workplace, what makes IP phones such a strong seller? While many corporations have already transitioned to VoIP systems, SMBs with smaller budgets often take longer to break into newer tech. While employees can be encouraged to bring their Read more