What is a VoIP Softphone?

A woman making a softphone call on her computer to a colleague.

With VoIP, we’ve been lucky enough to welcome a superb system for both individuals and businesses. Via an Internet connection, users experience high definition voice and voice calling, and the features (which are expanding every year) allow for effective and convenient business communications methods. While on the topic of VoIP feature expansions, the softphone seems to be in the spotlight. Let’s get to know its features and benefits.

VoIP Softphone: Overview

As a program, a softphone can be connected to your computer, where you can control its functionalities. With the program in place, you can make calls with just your computer, with no need for any other device. The primary softphone programs used include iChat, GoogleTalk, and Skype, along with many others.

As long as you have the computer with you, you’ll have this VoIP service at your disposal. Since the softphone will work on a laptop, you can access the line whenever required, without any bulky phone equipment. SInce softphones don’t need extra accessories to function, they’re a cost-effective and easy to use option for many business owners. For businesses that have work-at-home employees, this is a considerable advantage for remote team management.

After much investment in the industry, many VoIP softphones these days resemble a traditional handset on your screen, so they’re incredibly easy to use. With some programs, you can edit the layout as you wish and make everything accessible within one or two clicks. Depending on your preference and your device, you can click the buttons on the software or dial a number using the keypad. Either way, it’ll connect to the line in the same way as a standard VoIP service and reach its destination soon after.

Since the softphone application requires a laptop/desktop computer, you’ll need to invest in a microphone and possibly a speaker. These accessories are worthwhile investments – although they’re not necessary for the softphone’s basic functionalities, they make voice/video calling more convenient. With headsets available for budget-friendly prices, this shouldn’t be an issue.

A group of employees participate in a conference call on a softphone application.

Softphone applications come with so many features, including conference callling.

Who are VoIP Softphones Designed For?

As long as you have a computer/laptop and an internet connection, there’s no reason why you can’t benefit from the softphone software. However, they prove most useful for small businesses, for those who travel regularly, telecommuters, frequent long-distance callers, and those who work in a call center. What’s more, we also believe VoIP softphones to be a fantastic solution for VoIP beginners since they’re affordable and easy to install.

VoIP Softphone Features

Before we look into the benefits of choosing this solution, we should first say that VoIP softphones have the same features as traditional phones and this includes voicemail, call forwarding, call transferring, greeting capabilities, hold capabilities, call conferencing, echo cancellation, and an address book. Therefore, you can upgrade to this solution without losing any of these essential functions.

Benefits of Choosing VoIP Softphone Software

Key Features

First and foremost, softphones possess a lot of useful features. In addition to the ones we’ve mentioned, we could suggest call recording and the ability to send IM and other forms of communication. If you’ve been wanting to upgrade but were worried about losing specific features, this opportunity cost no longer exists.


Secondly, many VoIP softphone services offer affordable packages which means you’re no longer at the mercy of expensive telephone companies. Over the years, traditional phone services have become more expensive, while their usability and number of features have stayed the same. With a VoIP softphone, you can take control of your communications solution and save money. As a business, this is money that can be invested elsewhere.

More Efficient

As mentioned previously, this solution might just be essential for businesses because it’s efficient. If you have regular business meetings and travel frequently, you won’t ever miss your most loyal customers when they call. Furthermore, you also don’t have to miss important meetings when you’re working from home. Instead, you’re reachable at all times, allowing for more effective lines of communication.

More Desk Space

Although a benefit you might not have considered, you’ll have more desk space for the things that really matter. With fewer wires and free space on your desk, the office looks cleaner, and you don’t have to worry about tripping or any other hazards. When it comes times for maintenance or repair, it’ll be so much easier to troubleshoot the issues without all that phone equipment and mess of wires.

As you can see, VoIP softphones have many benefits, and they’re continually improving. If you want to become more efficient in your business communications this year, these applications are certainly a solution to explore!

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