Selecting the Correct Phones for Distance-Learning Ventures

Hearing is a vital part of the learning process. When someone is being educated remotely, using the best available phones is an essential component of education. The more facilities that offer offsite learning – whether degrees, certifications, or even just in-house training for employees – the more relevant telephony technology becomes in the learning process.

The Benefits of Crisp Audio on Your Phones

When a learner can clearly hear what is being said, his retention and understanding increase. Also, straining to hear because of a weak connection or inferior technology can cause fatigue to the learner, which can subsequently inhibit comprehension. Plus, it is easier to participate in a dialogue when you can hear everything that is being said.

VoIP plays a vital role in providing the best phones and technology for ensuring a clear connection that supports the learning process fully, rather than detracting with noise and disconnects.

Here are several things you should consider when selecting phones for a distance-learning program:

  • 360 Degree Audio Capturing – In an online classroom setting, you don’t want to miss anything due to a person speaking toward the phone from the wrong angle. The phone should be able to pick up voices from any direction while also providing a noise-cancelling feature so you don’t hear every little sound in the room.
  • Sufficient Speaker Volume – Everyone in the room should also be able to understand learners who are on the phone line if you use sufficient speaker volume and clarity.
  • Cross-Platform Support – Since most companies and educational facilities take a “bring your own device” approach, your phone system needs to be able to communicate clearly with any type of device, ranging from a landline to a cell phone or even a laptop.
  • Cloud Support – If your conferencing is cloud-based, you will also need support to ensure that everyone can log in and stay connected throughout the training.

VoIP is providing the means for clearer and more accurate offsite training to occur. From the business place to the classroom, VoIP and modern telephony technology are paving the way for greater education and training opportunities for everyone.

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