Installing VoIP Is Easier Than You Think

As you likely know by now, installing VoIP from VoiceNEXT comes with a lot of benefits. Its High Definition quality can’t be beaten. And the price is great, too. But you may not know how easy the installation process for such a high-quality product is in the first place. The process is fast and simple. Businesses using landlines have to deal with a very intricate and costly setup process. And routine maintenance is oftentimes needed afterward. This is not the case with VoiceNEXT.

Getting Started

VoiceNEXT works with top of the line installation professionals. When scheduling the appointment, they make sure your VoIP is installed on your time, and at your convenience. The installing process is by no means intrusive and takes a brief amount of time. Our installation crew is experienced and knows how to get the job done.

Installing VoIP in Your Phones

The phones you are currently using are oftentimes applicable. By installing an adapter, your old phones will then be fully capable of making calls with a VoIP system. We will walk you through the process of finding a necessary alternative if your phones are not compatible.

Once that’s figured out, all that’s needed after configuration is for the phones to be plugged into any compatible Ethernet port.

You Can Keep Your Phone Number

Another convenient aspect that comes with your company installing VoIP is being able to keep your number. This is made possible by a process called porting. This process is regulated by the FCC and can be done between wireline, IP, and wireless providers. Depending on how many lines you have, the process may take a couple of weeks for them to be fully integrated.

The setup that comes with installing VoIP is a process far simpler than what you’ll see with any landline provider. Put that into consideration when you are thinking about VoIP.

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