Why Install a VoIP System for Your Small Business?

Switching your small business over to a Voice over IP phone system might be one of the best business moves you can make.

Every company in business, without exception, wants to make their business grow and improve, with the objective of becoming more profitable. When company executives and managers get together and consider ways that will help accomplish that business growth and improvement, it’s not often that one of the top things on the list is the telephone system.

However, upgrading your telephone system has the potential to make a significant impact. Just by lowering your overall communication costs and increasing the productivity of your office personnel, your business could experience a lot more profitability than you might have thought possible.

One of the best things you can do for your business in this regard is to upgrade to a Voice over IP system, which is cloud-based. As you probably already know by now, Voice over IP involves sending all your audio data across the Internet rather than by using traditional phone lines. Here are a few of the reasons why converting to this kind of system can be a massive boon to your company, and how it can fuel considerable business growth in the future.

Cost Cutting

Managers and company executives are always looking for ways to cut costs. Some of the areas they come up with are legitimate, for instance, materials, payroll, road trips, etc., but you might be surprised to learn how much you can save by replacing your phone system with a much better one.

As soon as you install a Voice over IP system, you’ll notice right away that your long distance phone charges have plummeted. Having teleconference calls instead of having employees make trips to remote organizations can tremendously cut travel budgets because you won’t need to pay for as many hotel stays, travel arrangements, and day-to-day expenses for your employees. You may also realize considerable savings because some features that you used to have to pay for would now be included in the service from your provider.

And speaking of those services from your provider, there are some terrific features available now that can save you tons of money, starting with an auto attendant, integrated conferencing, and call forwarding to remote phone numbers.

In addition to the cost savings that you’ll realize, any customers that call you will be impressed by the professional sound of your auto attendant system, and that will create a very favorable impression of your company in the minds of all callers.

Increased Mobility

Once you’ve installed a Voice over IP phone system, you will be freed from the shackles of your desk. You can have all of your calls and voicemails transferred to a remote office where you happen to be working, to your cell phone, or even to your residence if that’s where you happen to be working. If you don’t have a lot of travel in your usual routine, and you don’t leave the office all that much, you can still be much more mobile in your daily routine by merely using a cordless phone or headset provided with your telephone service. That will allow you to move about the workplace as needed, without having to stay right at your desk to receive essential phone calls.

Better Internal Communications

When you can determine which of your colleagues are already engaged in phone conversations at any given time, you won’t make the mistake of transferring calls to them or trying to figure out who might be available to help the caller. You’ll always be able to see who is available at any given moment and make the correct transfer so that the caller is satisfied.

You can also save yourself a lot of time and effort by making announcements with the paging system of your upgraded telephone system, rather than physically walking all the way out to a warehouse or to an office at the far end of the building, to find someone who is in a call at the moment.

There are endless ways that a feature-rich telephone system can save time and effort for every employee in the building, and when that all adds up, productivity for those employees goes through the roof, and it won’t be long before profits follow.

A Platform for the Future

A Voice over IP system is the perfect platform for any sized business because it can support communications at the most basic level, all the way up to the most sophisticated global call centers. When your business begins to grow, there are always problems scaling your business’ support systems with regard to the increased volume of transactions.

If you are stuck using an old-style phone system, scaling up would be pretty tricky, but when you have an advanced Voice over IP telephone system, you don’t even have to think about how to scale up. Because you’re utilizing the most flexible telephone platform on the market, it won’t matter how much your business grows, or how fast. Your advanced telephone system will be able to handle it all with no new installations and no new services – it is indeed a platform for the future.

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