Cloud PBX: why you Should Invest in a Hosted VoIP Solution

A server room juxtaposed with clouds symbolizes a cloud PBX communication solution.

Investing in a cloud PBX hosted VoIP phone system is good for the business which implements it, as well as all those people who make use of it. One of the biggest buzzwords in branding and achieving a positive perception of a company is in providing the most enjoyable customer experience possible.

That’s exactly what a cloud-based phone system does for its users, providing a wealth of useful business features that make telephony more efficient and more enjoyable for all those involved. It’s also a great deal for the business person who wants to maximize an investment and get the most bang for the buck.

Cloud-Based Phones

If you aren’t sure exactly what cloud-based phones are, you can think of them simply as telephone systems which are capable of transmitting your voice over the Internet. They are almost always less expensive, more feature-rich, and far more flexible than conventional telephone systems.

Using cloud-based phones, you can make all of your phone calls right from your computer or even your smartphone if it’s more convenient, while still doing your normal daily work. Below are some of the specific reasons why using these kinds of phones are so beneficial for all parties.


Using a Voice over IP telephone system will always save you on phone charges because you’re using the Internet for call transmission. You won’t have to install all those bulky pieces of equipment which used to be necessary for conventional telephony, nor will you have to maintain all that equipment. In fact, all you really need with a Voice over IP system is a telephone and Internet connection, so you will also realize considerable savings on space and cost with a cloud-based system.

Technical Support

Even though these kinds of systems are generally very low on maintenance requirements and are free of problems to a large degree, there may be times when you need technical support to handle a situation. Providers of Voice over IP solutions for business deliver whatever kind of technical support you need as part of their service. That doesn’t stop with the initial setup and installation, and you can expect that in the event you do need some kind of assistance, it will be provided to you at any time of day.


In the old days, when your business grew substantially, that often meant a significant upgrade to your telephone system, and that triggered a major disruption to communications, both within the company and externally as well. In a Voice over IP system, when your business grows, your telephone system grows right along with it, without any expansion activities or tasks necessary on your part. About all you’ll have to do is contact your service provider and order any new phones that you will need, and all the rest will be taken care of for you.

Cloud PBX hosted VoIP service offers numerous functional upgrades to your business workflow when compared with conventional telephony solutions.

User-Friendly Setup

Installation of a cloud-based telephony system is very easy to manage, and it causes minimum disruption at the workplace. In most cases, setup and done can be done by in-house personnel, without any technical assistance whatsoever. For the majority of setup situations, the total time necessary to get up and running can be measured in a matter of minutes, with phones being ready to use almost immediately. Once those phone numbers have been activated by your service provider, there’s nothing left to be done, except enjoy the use of your new cloud PBX phone system.

Virtual Connection From Anywhere

One of the really unbeatable advantages of a cloud-based phone system is that you can make a virtual connection from just about anywhere. No matter where you happen to be situated at a given moment, you can call any other phone number around the globe, and enjoy high-quality audio with a clear connection.

Since cloud-based phones eliminate the requirement of being physically present at a specific location in order to make a phone call, you can make all the calls you need to while on the road, or from any location remote from your office. For the businessman on the go, this represents flexibility that simply cannot be surpassed, and it provides tremendous value in terms of being productive and efficient.

Cloud PBX Features a Smaller Footprint

In the past, it would have been necessary to install hubs, network devices, and literally miles of wiring in order to connect phones within your company building and to make external connections with customers and business associates.

All that equipment is simply unnecessary with a cloud PBX because the two key components which are necessary to enable calling between parties are the physical phone itself and the Internet connection. If you have these two components plus a cloud-based service provider, that’s basically all you need to make calls anywhere in the world.

Of course, you can make your phone system more functional according to your business needs, by adding some features which can make your employees more productive, and which can enhance the overall customer experience. A cloud PBX solution takes up vastly less office space at your facility, you’ll be able to the increased available space for conducting business rather than for the heavy equipment which characterized older phone systems.

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