Changing Over to VoIP – Step One

If you have already decided that your business needs VoIP, you are in for some serious benefits. However, you may wonder where to begin the changeover. The first step is to decide whether you want to hire a company to host your VoIP or if you want the service to be on-site. Let’s look at the key features of each type of system.

Hosted VoIP

Basically, this is how you keep your phone system in the cloud. If you already do cloud-based computing, you know the benefits. Why have a lot of bulky and expensive in-house equipment when you can let the host worry about paying for and maintaining all of that.

Hosted PBX also cuts down on your in-house IT needs. You don’t need an in-house staff to maintain the system and provide tech support for users. Your hosting company should provide those services for you.

Simple management of the VoIP system is another feature. Since it is in the cloud, you don’t have to be at the office to collaborate. This is an excellent option for companies with an on-the-go staff or businesses that have remote employees.

On-Site VoIP

On-site VoIP still allows you to get rid of your phone lines. However, you can also do this with a hosted VoIP service since everything takes place online.

Obviously, you will get a lower monthly rate for your service if everything is done on your end. However, many companies decide that the savings of not buying and maintaining the equipment, as well as increasing in-house IT staff, more than makes up for paying a little extra to get a hosted service.

The Right Choice for Your Business

While the option you select will depend on your specific business needs, few companies are in a position to put down the upfront investment for an in-house system. Even those that can afford the investment often decide that the cost of an in-house maintenance and support staff outweighs the savings in the long run. For that reason, most businesses decide to use a hosted PBX service.

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