How Business VoIP Improves Operations

A business VoIP telephone on desk with big window city view.

Business VoIP takes your company telephone system and gives it a massive upgrade. Unlike your past telephone system, you’ll find that you can do things that you’ve never done before. VoiceNEXT is one of the leading providers of the technology. With our hosted PBX, our clients have experienced massive improvements to their business operations. Let’s talk about some of the ways that business VoIP can make your company run better, faster, and more efficient than ever.

Increasing Your Availability

There is no doubt that VoIP adds flexibility to your business. No longer are you restricted to the time you spend in the office. Normally, you’re only available during regular business hours. With VoIP, you can contact clients and they can contact you whenever. The advanced technology allows you to direct calls from the office to your home or mobile phone. Your business hours are your own as you can keep working beyond the office. Another bonus is that your clients will not grow confused on how to reach you, they simply call one number as your hosted PBX does the rest.

Expansion Becomes Easier

As a business becomes successful, expansion is inevitable. Going from one office to multiple offices can often be a drastic change. Our hosted PBX is here to support you. Once your VoIP system is set up in a new office, you can manage that system from your own. A hosted PBX works through the cloud, meaning that through the internet you can control everything. That includes where calls go and reaching people nationally and internationally.

Messaging With Business VoIP

A lot of what holds business back from reaching their full potential is miscommunication. If your company relies heavily on communicating with clients, you can’t have your employee misunderstanding their wants and needs. Thankfully, VoIP clears up any confusion. Business VoIP improves your operations by giving you the ability to transcribe voicemail and record ongoing calls.

Transcriptions can come in the form of emails and faxes. You can read messages that clients leave without having to call them back for clarity. You are not forced to listen to voicemails at inappropriate moments like meetings. With a transcribed version of a call or voicemail, you can multitask and read your message while doing something else.

Save With VoiceNEXT

The best part about VoIP with VoiceNEXT is that you can have all of these amazing features without breaking the bank. We can save you up to 80% over the cost of other new systems! That’s right, we believe that your telephone system shouldn’t be your most expensive cost. That why VoiceNEXT is dedicated to providing our customers with a hosted PBX. You spend less on international calls, you don’t have to pay for expensive bulky equipment and your business runs better than ever.

If you are ready to make the jump to VoIP, then call VoiceNEXT at 888-369-NEXT. Ask our consultant about amazing features like auto attendant, follow me, our web-based administration system, voicemail to email, and so much more. Let VoiceNEXT be your next phone company.

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