Tips for Getting the Best VoIP Phone System: Part 1

A VoIP phone system on the desk in an office.

Changing your business communications to a VoIP phone system is a necessary move. With that said, change is not always easy. If you want the best service available with VoIP, then you need to know what gives the service the best performance. These are the critical components of a VoIP system that will elevate your Read more


Different Types of VoIP Phones

One of the VoIP phones sitting on a desk next to a notepad.

If you are going to make a VoIP phone system a part of your business, then it’s important that you are informed. Thankfully, you have us at VoiceNEXT to help you out. VoIP is the evolution of telephony, and its technology comes in many forms. Learn about the different types of VoIP phones available, as Read more


The Importance of a Good VoIP Adapter

An illustration of a VoIP adapter for each lifestyle.

In order for a phone with VoIP to connect to a landline, a VoIP adapter is needed. Business and single users both can benefit from having one. It’s how two phones on different platforms are still able to communicate with one another. How a VoIP Adapter Work In 2016, people communicate on a lot of different Read more


Business Communication Tips to Help Boost Efficiency

A picture of coworkers following key business communication tips.

No matter the size, every business can use some communication tips. Having VoIP can help any company. But there’s more that goes into communication. Having the best service and the best devices isn’t everything. You need to be able to use them properly. And you need to know how to communicate well. The importance of Read more