Looking at the Best VoIP Functions on the iPhone

A picture of someone using VoIP functions on the iPhone.

Although there are many VoIP apps for both operating services, today we’re going to talk about the best VoIP functions on the iPhone. Apple has found many ways to differentiate itself from Android phones. And communication features are one of their biggest differences. For years, Apple has been innovating how users talk to one another. Read more


How VoIP Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction plays a big role in any business. A business without loyal customers will not be around for very long. They are what keep you running. So, it’s a wise option to treat them right. There are many ways to keep customer satisfaction high. Small businesses pride themselves on having a more personal brand Read more


The Best VoIP Conference Phones for Any Business

An office with a VoIP conference phones in the middle of the table.

We discussed VoIP headsets last week, so now let’s look at some of the best VoIP conference phones. Every business needs them. It’s hard getting everyone in the same room no matter the size. And although face-to-face meetings are always preferred, there simply isn’t enough time in the day for that. Having a VoIP conference Read more


Which VoIP Headsets Are Best for Your Company?

People who use VoIP headsets are busy. They’re usually doing three things at once, and they need as much flexibility as possible. A good headset keeps them from being confined to one specific location or activity. They can keep a conversation going en route to a meeting. They can also send that important email, without Read more