New Office? Consider Buying a VoIP System

A graphic illustration of a new office filled with employees.

Let’s say that you have just invested in a brand new office space. The location is great, the spacing accommodates all of your employees, and you even have a great view of the city. However, you have just made one huge oversight – there is no cellphone service. Without your smartphone, you can’t make calls Read more


Enhance Your Business With VoIP’s Unified Messaging Feature

A graphic illustration of a VoIP telephone, which has a unified messaging feature.

Keeping in touch with your clients and employees is the most important part of your business. If you miss a call during the weekend, or while you are away from the office, you need to be able to get that message from anywhere. That’s where VoIP comes in. With its unified messaging feature, your voicemail Read more


Buying the Right Conference Phone

A businessman and woman is sitting at a table. On top of the table is a conference phone.

We have explained before why it is important for your business to have a conference phone. It helps you talk with multiple people, keeps the call quality clear, and boost productivity. Now, that you understand the benefits, it’s time to find out which one is right for you. Your Conference Phone Needs to Match Your Read more


Let Us Convince You Why You Need Internet Telephony

A close-up of a phone using internet telephony.

VoIP, otherwise known as internet telephony, is what we do, so before you say we’re biased, and then look for your VoIP information somewhere else, remember that someone in the industry is in a unique position to highlight the best parts of the service for you. Selling hosted VoIP is how we make money, but Read more