VoIP Service Features: Follow Me and Voicemail to Email

A graphic image of several icons representing the features that comes with a VoIP service.

One of the big draws of a hosted VoIP service is that it can usually save a business a lot of money on the company phone bill, especially an organization that makes many long-distance and international calls. However, the services offered as part of a hosted PBX service can really help your company run more Read more


How Financial Institutions Benefit from VoIP

An image of the New York Stock Exchange, one of NYC's historic financial institutions.

Finance is a highly regulated industry. Like many financial institutions, this means you need to take every advantage you can get to edge out the competition. You need to be able to keep customers satisfied, and you have to live up to the extensive requirements set out for your business. How can VoIP help your Read more


VoIP Benefits for Consulting Firms

A side view of employees using internet telephony and demonstrating how VoIP benefits their job.

Getting ahead as a successful consulting firm is all about good communication and collaboration. You need to be able to communicate effectively with your clients to get the job done right the first time. Your staff needs to be able to collaborate efficiently to get projects completed on time and to produce the high-quality work Read more


Save Money and Go Green with VoIP

A graphic image of a telephone icon in green. If a business decides to go green with VoIP, they will save a lot of money.

Every business is looking to cut costs wherever possible. However, there is also a big push toward “green offices,” and sometimes that can actually incur additional expenses. How does VoIP help you to reach business goals regarding the environment while still reducing operating costs? Read on to learn how you can go green with VoIP, Read more


Why Your Business Should Invest in Conference Phones

An office with conference phones in the middle of the table.

Initially, you may think of conference phones as an unnecessary addition to your business. After all, you may have many smartphones or other devices with a speakerphone option available. However, a conference phone is still an important part of the modern business, and we’ll explain a few reasons why. Conference Phones Are Designed for a Read more