VoiceNext for Attorneys

For attorneys and legal offices, voice communications are central to successful cases. Whether its service reliability, receiving/making critical calls, and/or effective call tracking, voice services not only affect client satisfaction, but also impact utilization and billability.

VoiceNEXT offers enhanced voice services that satisfy the challenging requirements of legal offices. With highly reliable service, call screening, centralized directory integration, call prioritization, and assistant/manager features, VoiceNEXT puts attorneys and staff in control of their communications.

With VoiceNEXT, legal offices eliminate the overhead and distractions of premises equipment. VoiceNEXT service extends to multiple offices, delivering a consistent set of features to all employees, including those in home offices. VoiceNEXT enables legal offices to receive these benefits, eliminate technology risks, and save on their total cost of communications, all with minimal up front investment.

Legal Communications Challenges

New communications capabilities for attorneys and legal offices are often complicated and hard to use. Slow and spotty adoption can reduce benefits driving the deployment. Recognizing this challenge, VoiceNEXT offers an intuitive web interface along with online training materials.

Legal work typically revolves around the client. VoiceNEXT enables partners and staff to provide the client with priority call access and improved service. For larger corporate accounts, service-center features, IVR, and attendant services ensure that a higher volume client issues are quickly routed to appropriate staff for more rapid resolution. As a result, VoiceNEXT features reduce account management issues, reduce staff support, and improve client satisfaction.

VoiceNEXT also improves attorney productivity, driving more effective work with clients and among internal staff. As an example, web conferencing enables team to rapidly setup team/client meetings from multiple locations and together view critical MS Word/Excel/PPT files.

VoiceNEXT Economics

VoiceNEXT includes service bundles that enable legal firms to save on total communications costs. A firm's total costs typically include equipment/phone leases (or depreciation), maintenance, support, access, and minutes. VoiceNEXT bundles these services together and offers packages for a flat monthly rate per user.

VoiceNEXT bundles are also available with data services that include internet access, inter-site VPNs, and email/web/application hosting. Bundles enable firms to consolidating vendors and simplify communications management.

VoiceNEXT voice and data service bundles can save legal firms 30% or more. This is before considering the productivity benefits available from enhanced voice services. Given the hourly bill rate for attorneys and staff, the productivity increases available through VoiceNEXT could pay for the service many times over.

Contact Info

For information about VoiceNEXT service, please contact us at 888.369.NEXT(6398) or info@VoiceNEXT.com. Learn which VoiceNEXT package best suits your firm's needs. Rapid installation and low up front costs deliver quick financial returns. Proven training materials enable staff take advantage of new service to achieve more rapid productivity increases and greater billability.

Key VoiceNEXT Capabilities