The Yealink VP-T49G Video Collaboration Phone

A picture of the Yealink VP-T49G Video Collaboration Phone.

It’s time to give another one of our amazing VoIP phones the spotlight. Today we’re going to talk about the Yealink VP-T49G Video Collaboration Phone. This phone makes the perfect option for business professionals and higher-level executives. One of the reasons that we love this VoIP compatible phone is because it offers a robust set of features.

The phone’s capabilities make it a great for companies who rely on their communications to keep operations moving forward. The T49G aids in making communication clear and efficient. Let’s walk you through everything the Yealink VP-T49G Video Collaboration Phone can offer.

HD Video and Audio for Clarity

Which would you prefer? Trying to decipher a client through static or hearing them clearly as if they were right next to you? We are sure it’s the latter. With HD Audio supported by both VoiceNEXT’s own hosted PBX service and the Yealink VP-T49G Video Collaboration Phone, you’ll hear more clearly than ever.

Let’s face it, HD Audio is the future of business communications. The Yealink T49G maximizes acoustic performance using the latest version of the Optima HD Voice technology. Through both the devices handset and speakerphone you’ll have the best quality audio around.

Another great aspect of this innovative hardware is the 8-inch multi-touch screen. This liquid crystal display (LCD) touch screen measures at 1280 x 800 pixels. It also supports full-HD video with 1080p resolution and a removable camera, making it perfect for real-time face-to-face interactions.

Utilizing the Touch Screens Features

The touch screen doesn’t just provide a pretty picture. It has a whole host of features that keeps you on task. The display is very reminiscent of how we access our mobile phones. The notification and control center can be accessed with just the touch of a finger. You can type using the one screen keyboard to conveniently access apps and other features. You can even use the access contacts straight from the devices built-in directory.

Call Recording Means Fewer Mistakes

One of our favorite features is the call recording feature. This is important for businesses and employees. While we trust our employees to take detailed notes and remember certain aspects of client calls, it can be hard to remember everything about a past conversation over time. This is especially true for businesses with a heavy influx of calls. Call recording allows your company to talk effectively with the clients and review calls later for quality and reference.

Great Security Measures

The advanced technology within the Yealink VP-T49G Video Collaboration Phone keeps your system safe and secure. Using SIP over Transport Layer Security (TLS/SSL) allows for better data protection. So, no scammers, secure connections and protects against hackers who try to listen in on your private business calls.

Buying a Yealink VP-T49G Video Collaboration Phone

There is so much more that you can learn about the Yealink VP-T49G Video Collaboration Phone. You can learn more by calling us at VoiceNEXT. We can tell you about this and other VoIP phones, as well as our hosted PBX. We can even supply you with your very own VoIP phone. Take the next step into the future of business communications and make VoiceNEXT your next phone company.

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