How a VoIP Telephone System Works

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP Telephone System) in computer generated letters.

Over the years, there have been some amazing advances in technology. Less than two decades ago, we were walking around town with huge “brick” mobile phones in our pockets. At the time, they were only good for a few SMS messages and the odd game of snake while waiting for the train. Now, they boast Read more


Evaluating the Need for a New Telephone System

Smiling office worker on the telephone in his office.

Choosing your business’ telephone system can be a daunting task. It’s not always easy for a company to switch over to something completely new that can change how it operates. Nor is it easy for a new business to decide what communication system will benefit them the most. However, as a business owner, you can Read more


Making the Big Sell: Sales Calls

Smiling young African-American businessman in a call center making sales calls.

Pitching your products and services is a big part of drawing in new customers. One of the best ways to reach people is with sales calls. These calls are vital to turning potential clients into loyal ones. Building your business requires employees who have the confidence and charisma to sell, sell, and sell some more. Read more


How Business VoIP Improves Operations

A business VoIP telephone on desk with big window city view.

Business VoIP takes your company telephone system and gives it a massive upgrade. Unlike your past telephone system, you’ll find that you can do things that you’ve never done before. VoiceNEXT is one of the leading providers of the technology. With our hosted PBX, our clients have experienced massive improvements to their business operations. Let’s Read more


The Yealink VP-T49G Video Collaboration Phone

A picture of the Yealink VP-T49G Video Collaboration Phone.

It’s time to give another one of our amazing VoIP phones the spotlight. Today we’re going to talk about the Yealink VP-T49G Video Collaboration Phone. This phone makes the perfect option for business professionals and higher-level executives. One of the reasons that we love this VoIP compatible phone is because it offers a robust set Read more


VoIP: The Benefits of Boosting Business Communications

A casual businesswoman talking on phone and smiling because VoIP provides better business communications.

VoIP telephony provides exceptional service to a multitude of business. Think about it, with a hosted PBX service you save money on utilities, you can add extra lines, the host company takes care of maintenance, and you are prepared for most disasters. Your business communications are bound to see a significant boost. But how? What Read more


Tips for Getting the Best VoIP Phone System: Part 2

A close up of a phone system.

Last week, we went over a few tips for getting the best performance out of your VoIP phone system. Well, we are not done yet! If you want to enhance your business communications, then pay attention and find out what you can do to get the most out of VoIP. Choosing the Right Equipment A Read more


The Importance of a Good VoIP Adapter

An illustration of a VoIP adapter for each lifestyle.

In order for a phone with VoIP to connect to a landline, a VoIP adapter is needed. Business and single users both can benefit from having one. It’s how two phones on different platforms are still able to communicate with one another. How a VoIP Adapter Work In 2016, people communicate on a lot of different Read more


Looking at the Best VoIP Functions on the iPhone

A picture of someone using VoIP functions on the iPhone.

Although there are many VoIP apps for both operating services, today we’re going to talk about the best VoIP functions on the iPhone. Apple has found many ways to differentiate itself from Android phones. And communication features are one of their biggest differences. For years, Apple has been innovating how users talk to one another. Read more


The Best VoIP Conference Phones for Any Business

An office with a VoIP conference phones in the middle of the table.

We discussed VoIP headsets last week, so now let’s look at some of the best VoIP conference phones. Every business needs them. It’s hard getting everyone in the same room no matter the size. And although face-to-face meetings are always preferred, there simply isn’t enough time in the day for that. Having a VoIP conference Read more