Evaluating the Need for a New Telephone System

Smiling office worker on the telephone in his office.

Choosing your business’ telephone system can be a daunting task. It’s not always easy for a company to switch over to something completely new that can change how it operates. Nor is it easy for a new business to decide what communication system will benefit them the most. However, as a business owner, you can Read more


Upgrading Your Telephone Customer Service

Female african american telephone customer service representative talking on the phone.

At VoiceNEXT, our advanced VoIP features give your business communications plenty of exciting options. Our service is sure to provide you a better way of handling your growing client base. Unfortunately, no matter how good our telephone service is, it doesn’t account for how your company interacts with clients. Quality etiquette and telephone customer service Read more


The Polycom VVX 1500: What You Need to Know

An image of the Polycom VVX 1500 IP phone.

Here at VoiceNEXT, we offer plenty of VoIP-ready phones to go with your office. They’re the perfect devices for making business communications simple and efficient. One of our favorite phones is the Polycom VVX 1500. This is one of the most advanced IP telephones available and an absolute must if you want to upgrade your Read more


Why Your Medical Practice Needs a Great Telephone Service

A doctor using a telephone service in his medical practice.

Health care practitioners listen up! If your telephone service is lacking, then you are doing your patients a disservice. Your medical practice’s phone system is essential to keeping up with your patients and providing excellent care. Dropped or missed calls are unacceptable when people are counting on you. Avoid a situation like this by upgrading Read more


Figuring Out the Cost of VoIP Technology

A man is interfacing with VoIP technology.

In any business, your bottom line is an important part of keeping your company afloat. You have to evaluate your expenses and find out where to cut costs. Some services you cannot go without, like your utilities. After all, your telephone and internet are how you contact customers, suppliers, or anyone else you need to Read more


Hosted PBX Features That Will Make Life Better

An illustration of a man with his finger on a phone icon reaching multiple people, representing hosted PBX features.

If you are new to VoIP, we are here to help. VoIP is the evolution of your old telephone system, making communication faster, better, and more efficient than ever. With built-in IP technology, these telephones use a VoIP service that allows you to send and receive phone calls through the internet. One of the biggest Read more


The Ultimate Control With Internet Telecommunication

A graphic image showing several electronic devices (phone, laptop, tablet, etc.) , which are used for internet telecommunication.

Many of the businesses who invest in VoIP have a distinct advantage over the competition. Using an internet telecommunication network simply grants better access to your operations. It’s an in-depth level of control that you can’t find by using an old-fashioned telephone system. Be a better business by investing in the advantages and control of Read more


Questions You Should Ask Your VoIP Service Provider

Businessman looking at drawings of question marks drawn on a wall, representing questions for a VoIP service provider.

Most people are unfamiliar with VoIP, making them apprehensive towards using the technology for their business. It’s understandable. There is always a sense of the unknown with new things. However, don’t let your fear of the unknown prevent you from upgrading your business communications. Once you find a VoIP service provider that you like, ask Read more


A Regular VoIP Service vs. The Store-Bought Option

Close-up of business man with a regular VoIP service phone at his office desk

Normal VoIP telephone systems provide customers with a variety of features. However, there are always competitors who claim to provide a better service. These store-bought options are often seen on late night television ads or in a local store. It’s time to prove that a regular VoIP service is better than the average store-bought brand. Read more


VoIP: The Benefits of Boosting Business Communications

A casual businesswoman talking on phone and smiling because VoIP provides better business communications.

VoIP telephony provides exceptional service to a multitude of business. Think about it, with a hosted PBX service you save money on utilities, you can add extra lines, the host company takes care of maintenance, and you are prepared for most disasters. Your business communications are bound to see a significant boost. But how? What Read more