Making the Big Sell: Sales Calls

Smiling young African-American businessman in a call center making sales calls.

Pitching your products and services is a big part of drawing in new customers. One of the best ways to reach people is with sales calls. These calls are vital to turning potential clients into loyal ones. Building your business requires employees who have the confidence and charisma to sell, sell, and sell some more.

If your employees aren’t up to the task, then you are falling behind the competition. At VoiceNEXT, we know a few things about getting the big sell. Let’s look at what your employees should be doing when making their sales pitch over the phone.

Cast Aside Fear

Shy and reserved aren’t traits you want from a salesperson. A problem many businesses find themselves in is hiring people who are afraid to talk on the phone. People who hesitate to reach out to potential customers because they fear rejection. First, you need to make sure your salesperson holds the confidence it takes to approach new people and make that sale.

Be Professional

Professionalism always wins in the end. Sales calls already feel intrusive, and consumers do not want to feel like their time is being wasted. You have to be respectful of your customers and their time. If you jump at them with the sales pitch right after saying hello, they are already looking for an excuse to hang up on you. Take it slow, greet them by name and introduce yourself. You’ll be surprised by how often this can put people at ease, making them willing to talk.

Be Appreciative

Once again, remember that you are taking time out of a person’s day to try and sell them something. Your sales call is not just about trying to push your products or services onto a customer. A sales representative has to maintain the reputation of the business. Even if you don’t make the sale, always thank a customer for their time. Let them know that you appreciate that they were willing to listen to you. Customers will remember this, and there’s a chance they might reach out to work with you in the future.

Give a Reason to Listen

After introducing yourself to a customer over the phone, state your purpose and gauge if they are willing to listen. A great way for your salesperson to do this is by teasing a benefit that your company can provide and asking if the customer wants to hear more. For example, you could say: “If I told you we had a better option to promote your service, would you like find out more?” This makes a great entry way into a larger conversation.

Sometimes, your employees don’t even have to make the big sell over the phone. The schedule a meeting for a later date. This way your employee can explain what your business’ advantage and not feel rushed when talking on the phone.

Make Your Sales Calls With VoiceNEXT

Hopefully, these steps will help your employees turn a sales call into something worthwhile. If you need a business communications system that can elevate your company, call us at VoiceNEXT.

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