Why Your Business Telephone System Is Still Important

Closeup of a man using a business telephone system.

To understand why you need VoIP, you need to get a better idea of why your business telephone system matters. If you believe that upgrading your communications system is trivial, then you’re sorely mistaken. It can make or break your business and more importantly be the advantage that you need to beat your competitors. You’ll be amazed by how much of a difference talking on the phone can make.

Fixing Customer Issues

When it comes to your business, there’s a chance that your customers encounter a problem. There are certain issues that they simply cannot find the answer to online, through your FAQ or in an email correspondence. One of the great aspects of a genuine phone call is that talking to someone real clears up most of the confusion. Your employees even have the opportunity to walk your customers through their issues with your products and services, finding the optimal solution. With a business telephone system, you’re sure to have multiple employees ready to take that call.

People Want to Reach Someone Real

A big pet peeve for most customers is having to talk to a machine. Granted, an automated attendant is a great way to filter through junk calls and direct people to the right representative. However, a machine shouldn’t be their only option. It’s important to have one-on-one talks to maintain your brand’s reputation. It shows that your business is available and ready to attend a customer’s need. Without a system that directs customers to a real person, people are left feeling like a company doesn’t want to be bothered with their business.

A Business Telephone Number Makes a Difference

There are certain things that a business must have and a telephone number is one of them. People want a way to contact their favorite brands. A telephone number lets them know that you are not out of reach and have a presence beyond the internet. People will start to view your company more professional and you can use your business number as a form of advertising.

As an added bonus, a vanity number will resonate even more with customers. These local or toll-free numbers are easy to remember, making it an even better option for marketing purposes. If you need one, call us at VoiceNEXT. Our telephone company can handle all your vanity number needs.

A Business Telephone System Improve Workflow

A competent business telephone system not only benefits your clients but your employees as well. It’s so much easier to communicate with co-workers when you have a good system to rely on. It allows employees to relay important information quickly and efficiently. You’ll also stay in the loop on business affairs whether you are on the move or at home. Some systems allow your business call to be transferred to your mobile telephone.

Make VoiceNEXT Your Next Phone Company

There is no better choice than VoIP for your business communications. At VoiceNEXT, we service every kind of business from attorneys to medical offices. You’re in good hands, so call us at 888-369-NEXT to find out more.


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