What’s the Difference Between VoIP and WebRTC?


Quickly rising in popularity, WebRTC is a newer communication platform with a few key distinctions from its VoIP predecessor. For those who don’t know what WebRTC is, it stands for Real Time Communication and its focus has been on communication through web browsers. It’s a project that Google has been working on since 2011. It’s Read more


What does the Future of VoIP Look Like?


The future of VoIP is undeniably bright. And the best part about that is VoIP already being one of the top performing industries of this decade. According to InStat, a California-based market research firm, almost 80% of businesses use VoIP phones to some capacity. That’s up from 42% in 2009. Needless to say, there has Read more


Installing VoIP Is Easier Than You Think

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As you likely know by now, installing VoIP from VoiceNEXT comes with a lot of benefits. Its High Definition quality can’t be beaten. And the price is great, too. But you may not know how easy the installation process for such a high-quality product is in the first place. The process is fast and simple. Read more


The Benefits VoIP Provides for Startups


For startups in the early stages of development, budget and time are important. These businesses often begin in makeshift home offices. Because of this, a lot of the conventional supplies take up too much space. And since those involved are also working day jobs in order to fund this dream project, getting everyone together in Read more